How do I get started?

It is good to start by knowing the regulations of the cemetery where the monument will be placed. Once you know the restrictions, if any, you can choose the monument that best suits the need. There are individual and companion memorials that can be customized. Visit any of our locations and our staff can help you in the decision making process.

Can I supply my own artwork?

Yes! If you have a photograph or artwork that you would like placed on your monument we have artists who will replicate the design and ensure the deisgn and lines are suitable for etching on granite. There is an art fee that is applied and the cost depends on the size of the monument.

How long does it take for a monument to be made?

This depends on the stone size, shape and color (whether or not the monument is in stock or needs to be special ordered). The standard monuments will take 6-8 weeks after approval. If it is a custom monument or one that we do not commonly keep in stock it will be 14-16 weeks after approval.

How long will my monument last?

We use the finest granites from all over the world. Each monument is extremely durable and with proper cleaning can look new even after decades in the cemetery.